British Boarding School Expo 19

Everythings education is an excellent service that provides everything both to the 
school and the student.

To the school we provide recruitment of high calibre candidates for schools in 
the UK. We also ensure that children are properly prepared, academically, 
emotionally and socially.

Specifically, Everything’s Education provides a bespoke service to families 
whose very wish is for their children or wards to experience the best of the 
most traditional British education from boarding school at the secondary level, 
all the way to the tertiary level. It is widely believed that students, who are fully 
immersed in this academic culture, are able to gain a plethora of new skills that
are prerequisite for leadership roles both in the private and public sector, at the local, national and global level.

Expo was Born

The Expo was Born

Everything’s Education identified that there was a need to assist parents in this important decision. This is because many families, due to work and time constraints, are unable to visit various schools during term time to ask the very important questions and make an informed decision; sometimes emails,pictures and Facebook browsing are insufficient in capturing the true spirit of the school.

This event would act as an educational hub that caters to the educational needs of students from Ghana and the rest of Africa. Everything’s Education hopes to build partnerships
with various Ministries of Education, British Embassies and palatals, and various international schools.

Why Schools Should Attend

To Attending Schools

Schools who wish to recruit students from Ghana and other African Countries. Schools that wish to build and expand their diversification.

School staff and parents will have the opportunity to meet personally with both new parents and pupils. The meetings provide the opportunity for developing and enhancing long term relationships based on mutual trust and understanding, This is critical given the difference in cultural backgrounds. This also gives the parents the chance to meet school representatives and have an informal meeting with them.


All Schools will receive a conference meeting area, this includes 4 chairs , a table and an exhibition stand.


Exhibitors will benefit from Full marketing of the school attending the event via, social media, TV, radio and national press as well as our brochure.


Accommodation for the duration of one delegate stay in Ghana


Attending Schools will have the opportunity to display banner at Networking event and feature in the Expo Brochure.


Transport to events in involved with the British Boarding School Expo will be provided to attending delegates.


Schools who wish to recruit students from Ghana and other African Countries. Schools that wish to build and expand their diversification.

School Exhibitors

Excellence Delivered

BBSE Schools

Attending Schools

The Expo Brochure 2019

Download our brochure and find all the relevant information relating to our British Boarding School Expo 2019, from venues, networking events to package deals for Schoolsa for further information contact us.


The British Boarding School Expo 2019